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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Trending Entrepreneurship: Serenity Online

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg; all successful businessmen and founders of worldwide recognized companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook. It doesn’t take a scientist to figure out they, at some point, swam in pools of cash. 

Though successful, these men have something very much in common. All are College dropouts. 

The communal curve has shifted; success no longer follows attaining a College degree and more students than not are realizing this. Careers are starting before the education is finished and some might say the job market is to blame. 

In a world like today when time is money, businesses are more likely to hire those with experience but for experience one must first work. 

To freshly graduated student this serves a problem and so students are building up their experience through hands on entrepreneurship before the diploma meets their hands.

“I am currently making an online video game, Serenity Online, and I'm starting a gaming company,” Katya Sarmiento, Miami Dade College student and Developer of Serenity Online, says.

Sarmiento, only nineteen years old, has taken a stance and started to build up her career from the ground up. Serenity Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) that does not require any download. 

“The main aspect of the game is for users to find their ‘inner peace,’ both in and out of the game,” Sarmiento says.

“I've always dreamed of making my own video game ever since I got into Game Programming,” Sarmiento continues “, so I decided to start it up now rather than later.”

The project, at first glance, may seem as an impulsive early life ambitious idea, but it’s been in the works for years.

“I recently started learning multiple coding languages,” Sarmiento explains. But the creator says she’s “planned out this game for about five years now.”

Being a fellow innovator, the founder of Serenity Online agrees that a degree is not much without plug-ins. 

“I don't think it's just the degree, it's what you do with it that matters,” she says “, get hands-on experience throughout your college studies. Internships, volunteer work, and projects are a great way to show that you not only understand the material, you're learning, and implementing it into your daily life too.”

“I’ve heard often from teachers and workers that a lot of top ‘fortune 500’ companies are looking for someone like that. I've been denied very often for lack of experience, but I've managed to find a job that hired me because of my work on Serenity Online,” Sarmiento adds. 

Serenity Online, slowly, is taking course and creator Katya Sarmiento can already envision its first steps, thanks to up to $2,000 of donations and two trusted investors who are helping to grow her game business. 

Some may believe the next step after graduation may be to find employment, but now creating your own is just as popular. Serenity Online is taking flight, and with entrepreneurship on trend, new and unique businesses are sure to be on the rise.
For more information visit  Serenity Online, follow the project on Facebook or Katya Sarmiento in Blogger.